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  1. Lists make life easier. Lists provide just enough structure for a constructive yet creative exercise, and I’m looking for that. This will help me stretch my writing muscles and develop my voice in an informal setting. Lists also let punchlines shine. That will be excellent if I write punchlines.
  2. This won’t take too much time. You probably don’t have time for a novel-length bullshit epic, and I don’t either. Heck, even a short story might be a stretch most weeks. Lists are concise and easily-digestible creatures thanks to their bite-size portions.
  3. Anything goes. As long as I keep it to a list of five, the rest is negotiable. I’ll create lists based on whatever is on my mind that week. Freedom!
  4. You’re putting something opinionated on the Internet?! NO WAY. Since these will be my lists, they’ll be biased as fuck, both by topic and what I say about it. You might agree, you might disagree, or maybe something I say will warrant a dissection of finer points. Maybe my list will spark your own list — yay! Let’s let the sparks fly — constructively — in the comments.
  5. Because I could use another project. No, I really don’t, but I don’t have a project like this. The previous incarnation of this website was my graphic design portfolio, but that’s somewhat moot now that I’m in the process of a career change. Last fall, I started studying website development in earnest. I know some cool coding shit now and will no doubt learn waaaaay more. I could use an outlet for showing off those skills. Here, I can do that and strengthen my writing and have a website presence, just generally speaking. That’s a win-win-win.

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